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Online Birth Chart Astrologers

Astrology is a science that studies the correlation between various life events with the movement of the celestial bodies with the help of vital information like birth time, place of birth and date. talk to astrologers, finding the birth chart calculation on mPanchang.

These predictions help individuals to take corrective and preventive measures to deal with any probable mishaps that may occur in the future.

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In order to get the accurate predictions, correct input information is very important. Date of birth, place of birth and time tells a lot about the identity, personality traits and characteristics of an individual.

The position of the planets change very quickly and predictions are based on very particular timing of points that move quickly in your chart. If the time is off even by few minutes, it can change the predictions all together.

As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, there are different methods about recording the birth time. One method records the birth time as and when the child is out of the womb of the mother.

Another method records the birth time when the child cries for the first time though some children cry only when they are given a light slap.

However, some Astrologers believe that the birth time should be recorded as and when child becomes independent of his mother.

There are cases when accurate time of birth is not available. It is indeed very confusing to get the correct birth time because in most of the cases we have to depend on parents, close relatives or hospital authorities to get the accurate information.

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Their watches or hospital clock may be wrong by couple of minutes and this variation can cause inaccurate predictions. Main document of your existence is the birth certificate, if it does not have the birth time then it’s a difficult case.

In all such cases, best possible effort is done to determine the correct time of birth. If these efforts are in vain, then the time should be entered as 12:00 Noon.

Astrology with Birth Time

However, the professional astrologer as per Indian Vedic Astrology can help to rectify or correct the birth time using various birth time rectification techniques and that in turn can give accurate predictions.

Indian Astrology by Date of Birth

When exact time of birth is not available, two Vedic Astrology birth charts can be prepared that covers the possible times slots when your birth took place.

The first Astrology Birth chart calculator covers the starting point of the time period and the second Vedic astrology birth chart is for the ending point of the time period.

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Also, Astrology by date with birth time can be determined by analyzing the major events of your life with one of the probable chart for that day. The detail required is exact date and the respective events like health issues, marriage, divorce, birth of children, death in family etc.

Naam karan in Indian Vedic Astrology is done by the astrologers using the birth date based on position of the grihas with the respective time of birth of the person.

Astrologer will need some information like evidences, experiences, investigations and other facts of relevance and then he/she prepares the rectified chart.

This chart is very helpful for predicting the future events and defining your purpose as an individual in this world. However, this rectified chart is not a full proof method and it does not ensure

Accuracy because the rectification is based on the honest information revealed, assumptions and the speculation.

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Astrology by Date of Birth for Marriage

Date of birth also help to determine compatibility for marriage and analyze all aspects of married life like the doshas affecting the married life, reasons for delayed marriage and finding the perfect match.

Astrology by Date of Birth and Name

Name numerology is different from Astrology in the sense that name numerology uses all alphabets for predictions and Astrology uses first initials of name and make predictions as per the Moon sign

Hence, if you need any information regarding Astrology with birth time or you are curious to know about the accurate birth time and predictions or you might want rectified and corrected birth time, then mPanchang is one perfect destination for your search.

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